Forevermark Gift Matcher

Matching the many unique qualities of the woman you adore with the perfect diamond jewelry


You frequently think to yourself...

Is there anything she can't do?
No one is more caring and supportive
She's a force of nature
The world loves her as much as I do
How did she think of that?

When you're feeling down, she...

Generously listens to your problems
Makes me laugh
Plots a plan to fix things
Makes me something to eat
Finds a way to build me up

Her idea of the perfect vacation is...

A romantic sojourn along the Amalfi Coast
A ski trip in the French Alps
A couples cruise w/ six of your best friends
A week-long hike along the Appalachian Trail
A surprise trip to the Venice Biennale

When you come down with something, she responds by...

Riding it out with you
Calling the doctor and hounding him for advice
Periodically checking in with you while going about her day, because she knows you well enough to know you can handle yourself
Scouring WebMD for possible diagnoses and remedies
Making you the best chicken soup you've ever had

It's a lazy Sunday morning after a long weekend. She is...

Curled up with you on the couch
At brunch drinking Bloody Marys with her friends
Making you an omelet
Already at the gym
Waking you up to run those errands you need to run

You're taking a long drive or road trip. She...

Lets you handle everything and sleeps in the passenger seat
Obsessively curates the music and podcasts
Maps everything out to a tee
Is always up for the "scenic" route
Takes the wheel